7Fates Chakho: Release time of BTS Webtoon and how to read explored

BTS’ laest Naver x Wattpad Webtoon ‘7Fates: Chakho,’ the Urban fantasy webtoon is almost here. If you are wondering about the release time or where to read the webtoon, we have got you all covered.

Along with the really interesting storyline and action punched plot of ‘7Fates: Chakho,’ fans can’t wait to hear the OST of the Webtoon, sung by none other than Rolling Stone praised main vocalist Jungkook and produced by BTS Suga.

Prior to the release of the BTS Webtoon on January 15th, ‘7Fates Chakho’ introduced the characters to fans.

Get ready to meet RM as Dogeon, Jin as Hwan, Yoongi as Cein, Hobi as Hosu, Jimin as Haru, V as Jooan and Jungkook as Zeha.

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7fates chakho release time
7Fates Chakho with BTS will be released on January 15th (7Fates chakho Hybe Twitter/ 7Fates Chakho teaser)

International release time of ‘7Fates: Chakho’ explored

‘7Fates Chakho with BTS will be released on January 15th at 9 AM KST/ January 14th, 7 PM ET. Check the international schedule of the release below.

  • Pacific Time: 4 PM, January 14
  • Central Time: 6 PM CT, January 14
  • Eastern Time: 7 PM ET, January 14
  • British Time: 12 AM, January 15
  • European Time: 1 AM CET, January 15
  • Indian Time: 5.30 AM IST, January 15
  • Philippine Time: 8 AM in the Philippines, January 15
  • Japan Time: 9 AM KST JST, January 15
  • Australian Time: 9.30 AM ACST, January 15
  • Singapore Time: 8 AM, January 15
  • Thailand Time: 7 AM in Thailand
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7fates chakho webtoon
‘7Fates Chakho’ with BTS releasing on January 15th at 9 AM KST (7Fates Chakho Hybe Twitter)

Plot and characters of BTS Webtoon ‘7Fates Chakho’ explored

According to the teaser of ‘7Fates Chakho,’ the BTS Webtoon is an urban fantasy story inspired by the “Chakhogapsa,” aka the Beom (tiger) hunters of the Joseon Dynasty.

Fusing traditional Korean tales of several mystical creatures, BTS Jin teases, “the story of ‘7Fates Chakho’ starts from the city of Sin-si, which is dangerous and corrupt. The plot takes a turn when monsters called ‘Beom’ (bearing the characteristics of tigers) come to the city to hunt humans.”

Suga explains, ‘Tigers (beom) generally appear as divine animals, mystical creatures that defeat evil spirits, but the story of ‘Chakho’ that takes place in a corrupt city in the near future will deal with various exploits of beom.”

‘7Fates Chakho’ is essetially a story of seven destinies tied together who will turn into tiger (Beom) hunters to save a city from collapsing and also to save themselves.

But each seven characters of ‘7Fates Chakho’ cast has a secret of their own. Zeha (Jungkook) is half human and half Beom and uses his power of Beom to hunt the creatures. He is careful not to let anyone know of his secret.

On other hand, Jooan (BTS V) is kind and compassionate. He falls inlove with a beom and wants to pursue the forbidden love story. But will destiny let him? Check the teaser below.

How to read ‘7Fates Chakho’

Prior to the main release, Webtoon official has released seven separate chapters on BTS members on their official site.

Check all the episodes here. ‘7Fates Chakho’ will be released on January 15th, 9 AM KST/ 7 AM ET.

Read the story here. Check the official teaser below.

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