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Sharing her experience in the parents’ forum Mumsnet, the woman, who wished to remain anonymous, described the issue as a “neighbour dispute and fence war!!”

The woman explained: “Ok so I’m wondering if anyone can help or offer some advice on a potential neighbour dispute/fence issue. We bought some land at the back of our house from a neighbour to increase our garden size and over the past year or so have been landscaping our whole garden.

“Part of this landscaping includes erecting (and paying for) a fence on the new boundary where we bought the land.

“We agreed with the seller that we’d pay for and maintain the fence… anyway, around eight months ago the house was sold and new neighbours moved in.

“We haven’t met them as they are on another street and the new fence makes it private. Anyway, today got back from school run went out in the garden and the new neighbour was painting his side of the fence.

“BUT the dark green paint has dripped down the back onto my side of the fence and looks awful. I’m gutted.

“We treated the panels as [we] wanted natural wood look. What can I do?

“I obviously, clearly don’t want a neighbour dispute but at the same time, I feel really annoyed that someone did this without thinking to ask first.

“I’m sure I’ll get a few ‘get a grip ‘ comments and yes I understand ‘first world problems’ and all that but we spent a lot of time, effort and not to mention money on it. Really hope someone can help or advise what they would do in this situation.”

Other Mumsnet forum users shared their thoughts.

One user, named ‘Trethew’, said: “If it is your fence they have no right to paint it or fix anything to it, on their side, without your express permission.”

The original poster replied saying: “That’s what I thought … but what can I actually do? If anything.

“He’s also screwed a bird box into it (only noticed that when I looked over today).

“Can’t tell if that’s off the panel or the post yet though. I just can’t believe that someone wouldn’t ask/mention it first?

“Maybe it’s because we back onto them so don’t really have contact with them in the same way as if they were next door.”

Another user suggested: “You have to let him know, and I’d do it sooner than later.

“He might be planning a second coat. I would put a letter through his door.”

The user suggested what to say: “Dear neighbour, I am very upset and alarmed at what you have done to my fence.

“The green stain has dribbled through onto my side and looks awful.

“You may not be aware, but the fence belongs to me, and you have no right to paint it or attach anything at all to it, even on your side. If you’d like to discuss this please get in touch.”

Another one under the name ‘Brideandprejudice’ added: “Hi neighbour, you have ruined my fence.

“Please let me know if you’d prefer to fix it yourself or if I should arrange it and send you the invoice.”

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