December 5, 2021

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Amazon’s Game of Thrones-style epic has a very modern approach to magic, monsters, and hot and humid scenes.

Fighting families, witchcraft, dragons, blood, bloodshed, and free nudity. Are you familiar?

Based on a series of novels by American author Robert Jordan, Amazon’s new fantasy series The Wheel of Time game of Thrones..

The first three episodes of the show starring British actress Rosamund Pike premiered yesterday.

Here, ALISON BOSH OFF reveals how the show appeared on the screen, and GoT super fan HANNAH BETTS gives her verdict...

Frankly, I don’t bow to anyone who loves Game of Thrones.

There were some sad moments (Ed Sheeran cameo, who?), Despite the game-changing brilliance in terms of script, scope, and performance.

But most of the time, it’s a wild and amazing ride, and I wouldn’t have spent the years 2011-2019 the other way around.

Will Amazon’s Wheel Of Time correspond to its predecessor who spins money this August?

First of all, I have to stop calling it Wheel Of Fortune. This is a cheesy game show, not a cheesy dragon and orc case.

Horse play: with Rosamund Pike and (left) Daniel Henney

Horse play: with Rosamund Pike and (left) Daniel Henney

We were promised the greatest fantasy adventure ever. With the strength of Episode 1, the jury hasn’t come out yet, but there’s a big difference between the red eye at 8am (when the series hit the UK) and the eye observation of a glass of wine at 8pm. ..

The problem begins with Rosamund Pike. Rosamund Pike is as beautiful as steel, like the sorcerer Moilene Damodred, and goes all the way when Greta Thunberg dresses in Quest. “The world is broken,” she says.

“Many, many years ago, men born with great power believed that they could put the darkness itself in a cage. Arrogance! When they failed, the sea boiled and the mountains Was swallowed, the city was burned, and the women of Aes Sedai were left to pick up the debris.

Lady, ok, this is all shades of Cop26.

In the next 53 minutes, much happens to Pike’s skillfully padded shoulders. Curiously, she bears the burden gracefully, like the glacier-attractive 40s that women tend to do in such dramas.

Her appearance is a brown dye work Gone Girl, with no make-up, clearly a good riding skin care regime, and a wonderful line of matrix-style magic. And the top mark of her sexy buddy (Daniel Henney dashing) who shares her spiritual communication skills as well as a hot tub.

Witch Moilene heads to Hicksville, also known as the Two Rivers, to find the Messianic figure, Dragon Reborn, who saves humanity from the Dark One and Trolox (a carnivorous, horned man / beast hybrid).

There she unearths five disciples who are standing up to flirt, older than we found in the book. We have a heroic cheekbone youth. Strong Dim One who conveniently kills his wife. A slychancer with a gold heart. A good girl with power; and other energetic women.

When it comes to sex, it’s implied, but not seen. The wheels of time are folds, man’s bread, bad bleach work, rugged landscapes, medieval Yorkle, career-oriented females, scary monsters, important swords, flaky mysticism, immortal love benefits, choices. If you are proud of the imminent evil, you will find plenty of internal organs and gussets.

Dialogue is of the kind “old blood flows deep into those mountains”, and the quotient of stupid names is high. The episode costs £ 8 million and looks more expensive than the earlier episodes of Game of Thrones.

Most clearly, the necessary suspensions and threats that made GoT so compelling were not yet evidence of Wheel’s victorious successor. When Game of Thrones was good, it was very good, crackling with wisdom, intelligence, and the most assignable dialogue on the screen.

The opener may have been, but now WoT Episode 1 has leveled off. Awakened wonder, or a load of old Trolock? Only time will tell you.

How they created the wheel of time

Hannah Betts

The Wheel of Time Rosamund Pike (Moilene Damodred) and Daniel Henney (Ran Mond Lagolan)

The Wheel of Time Rosamund Pike (Moilene Damodred) and Daniel Henney (Ran Mond Lagolan)

The Wheel of Time Rosamund Pike (Moilene Damodred) and Daniel Henney (Ran Mond Lagolan)

Budget battle

The growing popularity of streaming services means that television is no longer playing the fiddle next to movies. As a result, large production shows now have a bankruptcy budget.

The final Game of Thrones series cost £ 11m per episode, Star Wars spun off The Mandalorian, and the future Westerns weren’t too late.

Wheel Of Time has eight episodes per series, with a budget of £ 55m to £ 75m. It’s one of the most expensive TV shows to date, from £ 6.9m to £ 9.4m per episode.

Approximately 600 casts and crews worked on the production, including a powerful visual effects team of 217 people.

Filmed primarily in and around Prague, Amazon received £ 11.1 million in funding from the country, 20% of the cost spent in the Czech Republic. This means spending £ 55 million in the Czech Republic.

Fantasy Fever

It’s no coincidence that Amazon has the same hope for the show as Game of Thrones. Fantasy adventures are still considered television gold.

As one television critic observed, “Game of Thrones not only opened the door to more fantasy committees, but also the locks. It gave television executives fantasy books and cartoons. Not only to pursue, but to devour them.

After the Game of Thrones comes a collaboration between Witcher about the mutated Monster Hunter, his dark material by Philip Pullman and Good Omens, and authors Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman about the birth of Satan’s son. bottom.

Following the Wheel of Time, there is the Hobbit / The Lord of the Rings story and the first part of Game of Thrones. Both are scheduled for fall next year.


The Oscar-nominated actress Rosamund Pike is the most famous face of adaptation.

She plays Moiraine Damodred, a member of the all-female Aes Sedai organization, which has a kind of magic, One Power.

Moileen has devoted her life to finding the dragon reborn, the savior who saves all humanity.

The story begins when she arrives in the town of Two Rivers.

Pike, 42, said:

“I felt like a bad guy. I said [showrunner Rafe Judkins] When I first saw it, “I need this video shooting a fireball to show my sons over and over again.”

She talked about the CGI effect and joked. I did a full body scan on the first day — and then I didn’t have to show up! “

Rookie: The Wheel of Time Josha Stradowski and Madeleine Madden

Rookie: The Wheel of Time Josha Stradowski and Madeleine Madden

Rookie: The Wheel of Time Josha Stradowski and Madeleine Madden

Featured stock

Pike includes Picnic at Hanging Rock’s Australian actress Madeleine Madden (playing Egwen Alver) and Dutch shepherd Rand Al Thor, who is centered around Dutch rookie Josha Stradowski. A fresh young cast joins.

New Zealand actress Zoe Robins plays Nineve, the “wisdom” of the village.

All started pre-production in August 2019 with 6 weeks of dialect and stunt training, including horse riding lessons.

Zoe said:’I have never been involved in anything of this scale. Participating in costume, hair and makeup collaborations and getting involved in the moment of establishment was something I had never experienced before.

“The knowledge that this is a beloved fantasy book series wasn’t lost to us either. Some people grew up with the characters in these books, which makes a lot of sense to many. ..

She added that two pandemic shutdowns brought the cast closer.

“We really had to rely on each other as a second family, so we were able to form a bond faster than we thought.”

Nude new twist

Game of Thrones was famous for the repeated nudity of women, many of whom complained that they looked unjust. In contrast, the Wheel of Time will have more naked men than women.

Rosamund Pike said: We all boys are desperately on a diet, working hard for the naked scene, and every woman is out for a nice supper.

Rafe Judkins, who helped adapt the book to the screen, says the show is a good place to watch with teenagers — and there’s sex and nudity, but the candidness of Game of Thrones. There is no such thing.

In the first episode, there is implicit sex and male nudity. He states: “The Witcher and Game Of Thrones have more nudity, but that doesn’t apply to The Wheel of Time, and we don’t need it to tell the story we have with the characters we have. Adults. So you still see things from time to time, but we’re not really supergraphic.


Robert Jordan, the author of The Wheel Of Time, died in 2007 at the age of 58, and his book sold over 90 million copies in 24 languages.

He was a military helicopter gunner on two tours of the Vietnam War, winning the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Bronze Star.

After Vietnam, he worked as a nuclear engineer in the US Navy.

Monster: Toro Rock eating meat at a new show

Monster: Toro Rock eating meat at a new show

Monster: Toro Rock eating meat at a new show

However, he fell to the shipyard, had a blood clot and was about to die, and needed a cane to walk.

This injury triggered a new career as a writer. He wrote a historic trilogy under the pseudonym Reagan O’Neill, and then a Westerner as Jackson O’Reilly. This was followed by a novel based on the franchise of Conan the Barbarian.

Then in 1990 he created The Eye Of The World. This is the first in the Wheel Of Time series.

The protagonist, Land Altor, is just a boy when he and his friends begin to save the world from the epic story of Dark One.

After getting sick with a rare blood dyscrasia in 2005, he announced that he was working on another novel — and an extensive note used by writer Brandon Sanderson to complete the book after his death. I left.

Rosamund Pike said: That is why he is interested in the man who has power, abuses it, and destroys the world. “

Czech companion

The Wheel of Time maker created its own studio and leased a huge 32,000 square meter production hall on the outskirts of Prague in the Czech Republic.

Jordan Studio has a backlot with five sound stages, a stunt gym, a writer’s room, and a variety of permanent outdoor sets.

Pike said: “We can’t really talk about trekking a huge set that was once a truck factory because we signed a horrifying NDA.”

Initially, producers considered Los Angeles, London, and Budapest, but realized that they needed to buy an industrial building in Prague to realize their ambitious vision.

The entire town of Two Rivers was built and is said to have since been burned down as part of the story.

Amazon’s Game of Thrones-style epic has a very modern approach to magic, monsters, and hot and humid scenes.

Source link Amazon’s Game of Thrones-style epic has a very modern approach to magic, monsters, and hot and humid scenes.

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