An Overseas Hallmark Christmas Movie for 2022 Is Already in the Works

The Hallmark Channel just concluded its 2021 lineup of Christmas movies, and it’s already working on new Christmas films for 2022. One of these will be filmed in London.

The New Movie Is Called ‘Christmas in London’

According to the Twitter account @SleepyKittyPaw, “Christmas in London” was originally going to air earlier, but production was delayed. Now it is going to be filmed in the UK in early 2022. Ron Oliver wrote the script and Jonathan Wright is directing.

Oliver confirmed on Twitter that he wrote the movie but is not directing.

He wrote on Twitter, “Just wrote the script, very happy Mr Wright is at the helm!”

He finished writing the first draft of the movie in March 2021.

Many other Christmas films are also about to start being filmed, although not all will air on Hallmark. According to @SleepyKittyPaw, these include “Christmas Lonely Hearts Club,” which will film in Ohio and be directed by Lexi Giovagnoli. Another is Sandra L. Martin’s faith-based Tennessee movie, “It’s Christmas Again.” There’s also a rumored Lifetime movie called “Christmas in Rockwell,” which would film in Ontario.

Crown Media has not officially announced “Christmas in London” yet, so it’s always possible that plans might change.

Ryan Paevey Was Rumored to Be Starring After the Writer, Ron Oliver, Tagged Him in a Post

Details about the movie, including a synopsis and the cast leading the movie, have not been released. However, rumors started early that Ron Oliver might have wanted Ryan Paevey to star, since he tagged Paevey in his post about finishing the first draft.

One fan replied, “Hoping this will be @ryanpaevey next #christmasmovie with you and #hallmarkchristmasmovies 👏👏.”

Another fan wrote, “This is awesome. I hope this is your next movie with @ryanpaevey. You write such great movies and I love A Timeless Christmas. If it is anything like that one, it is going to be fantastic.”

Another person replied, “This is great. The two of you together equals extraordinary. Im excited you get to work together again it will be another winner.”

Hallmark star Erin Cahill replied, “Yes yes yes!”

Oliver gave a brief glimpse of his script while he was working on it, and tagged Paevey in that post too on March 5, 2021.

A Movie Released on Lifetime in 2020 Was Originally Called ‘Christmas in London’

It’s possible that the movie will change its name by the time it airs. A “Christmas in London” movie was released in 2020, but its title was later changed to “A Christmas Exchange” when it airead on Lifetime, according to IMDb. That movie starred Laura Vandervoort, who has also starred in several Hallmark films, Rainbow Sun Francks, Martin Roach, Nigel Bennett, Rachael Crawford, Conrad Coates, and more. Some London scenes were actually filmed in Scotland.

The synopsis for the 2020 movie read: “This holiday season, Molly Cooper swaps her snow covered farmhouse for Patrick Kensington’s posh London apartment. While enjoying Christmas time in the UK, Molly begins to look forward to every communication with Patrick. Likewise, Patrick finds Molly’s warm emails and texts charming and compelling. Sparks fly between them as they get to know each other and fall in love as they live in each other’s spaces. Coming home for Christmas Day, Molly is greeted to a new life and a new love.”

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