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365 days: This day recently came out on Netflix, but given the massive cliffhanger at the end, it’s not surprising that fans are dying to find out all about the third film in the franchise. The third film has already been confirmed and will reportedly be filmed back-to-back with the sequel. We know that too 365 days 3 will feature the same creative team behind the first and second films. For starters, it will be titled The next 365 daysas foreseen.

Spoilers ahead for 365 days: This day

“I am honored that the remaining two parts of my 365 Days trilogy – This Day & Next 365 Days – are being brought to life on screen by Netflix. I’m really looking forward to showing fans of my novels around the world this fresh look at the characters and continuing the story of Laura and Massimo,” says Blanka Lipinska, author of the 365 days trilogy of books.

The end of 365 days: This day was stunning as the fate of more than one character was in the air. Here’s everything you need to know about the third and final film in the series.

Release date of 365 days 3

The third and final film in the trilogy now has a release date! You can watch the film at August 19, 2022.

The second and third films were shot consecutively in 2021. In the official announcement, Netflix stated that the films will be released worldwide in 2022. Now it looks like fans will be lucky enough to get both movies within a few months instead of having to wait a whole year!

Cast of 365 Days 3

Several cast members have already been confirmed for the third film, including leads Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone, who play Laura and Massimo. The ending of the second film left Laura’s fate up in the air (again), but I find it hard to believe that she was going to die. Anyway, she’s definitely coming back in some form in the third film.

In newly released footage (the first four minutes of The next 365 days) it looks like Laura’s fate has been confirmed, you can check it out for yourself below.

As for Morrone, we know he’s coming back as Massimo, but could he also come back as Massimo’s twin brother, Adriano? As shown in the footage above, it appears Adriano is dead and likely succumbing to his gunshot wounds after Massimo ended up shooting him 365 days: This day. But who knows, maybe he’ll return via flashback or as a ghost.

Simone Susinna, who plays Massimo’s rival Nacho, will also return. Magdalena Lamparska and Otar Saralidze will also reprise their roles as Laura’s best friend Olga and Massimo’s right-hand man Domenico. Olga and Domenico got engaged in the second film.

In summary, here is the tentative cast list for the film:

  • Anna Maria Sieklucka as Laura
  • Michele Morrone as Massimo
  • Simone Susinna as Nacho
  • Magdalena Lamparska as Olga
  • Otar Saralidze as Domenico

365 days 3 plot synopsis

Netflix has released a logline for Digital Spy The next 365 days which reads, “Laura and Massimo’s relationship is on the line as they try to overcome trust issues and jealousy while a stubborn Nacho works to drive them apart.”

Based on what happens at the end of the second film, we predict that in the third film, Massimo and Laura will try to put their relationship back together (if she survives, which is a pretty good bet). At the end of 365 days: This day, revealed Adriano Massimo that Laura was pregnant and lost the baby. It will be interesting to see how Massimo handles this revelation.

Since the movies mostly follow the books, we can also look at the novel synopsis The next 365 days to see what to expect:

As the wife of Don Massimo Torricelli, one of Sicily’s most dangerous mafia bosses, Laura’s life is a rollercoaster ride. She is often in danger, the potential target of Massimo’s ruthless enemies, who will stop at nothing to destroy the powerful man. And when Laura is seriously injured in an attack, is pregnant and is struggling to survive, Massimo faces the hardest decision of his life. What will his life be without Laura? Will he be able to raise her child alone? What will be the fate of his family and their 365 days could come to an end?

Everything in the synopsis is consistent with what we know about the second film, except for the pregnancy story. That could mean Laura getting pregnant again (perhaps with Nacho’s baby, like in the book) or the movies will just cut that storyline short.

Fans had a polarizing reaction to the third novel’s plot because it destroyed Massimo and Laura’s relationship. Looking at the Goodreads reactions, many readers leave scathing reviews.

I haven’t read the books, but according to Oprah Daily, the plot involves Massimo sending Laura her dead dog, Massimo kidnapping her again (after she ran away with Nacho), Laura becoming addicted to alcohol, and Laura even needing a heart transplant after suffering a miscarriage .

We’ll have to see if the creative team for the third film takes a different direction than the source material. The heart transplant plot might actually happen since, if you remember, the first movie mentions that Laura has a heart condition.

English speakers can read The next 365 days in September 2022, then the translated version should appear.

Is there a 365 Days 3 trailer, teaser or new photos?

Although Netflix has released the first four minutes of The Next 365 Days (as embedded above), we still don’t have an official trailer or teaser for the film. Expect a full-length trailer sometime in the next few weeks, maybe a week or two before the August 19 premiere.

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