Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

House Democrats have decided to cancel plans to vote on a number of public safety bills this month following continued differences between progressive and moderate members of the party over police funding and accountability.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Wednesday that Democrats will focus on passing the massive social spending and taxation bill, officially known as the Inflation Reduction Act, buying more time for the party to reach agreement on the law enforcement legislation.

“This week, our focus must remain on passing the [Inflation Reduction Act], as conversations continue on finding consensus for a robust public safety package,” she wrote in a Wednesday press release

“In terms of public safety, House Democrats can take immense pride in our work so far this Congress to keep America’s families safe. President Biden has signed historic gun violence prevention legislation, and the House successfully voted to pass legislation reinstating the Assault Weapons Ban. This, too, increases the people’s leverage – this time, over the gun industry,” she added.

This is the second time Democrats have pushed back the vote on the police legislation, initially planning to address it last month when the House passed the “assault weapons” ban.

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