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KARDASHIAN fans have an unusual theory that Khloe isn’t raising her son after she was seen enjoying a night out after the birth.

The Good American co-founder and her ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson welcomed their second childa baby boy – via surrogate.

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Khloe Kardashian recently stepped out for a night out after welcoming her son[/caption]


The child was born via surrogate and fans have a theory about whose raising him[/caption]

Days after reports surfaced that Khloe’s son had been born via surrogate, she was seen out in Malibu sporting a sexy black dress.

Fans flocked to Reddit to react, attacking her for neglecting her parenting duties.

One particularly harsh critic commented on the thread, “Like, the baby is ~5 days old and she’s caught dressed up in a ‘tight black dress’ for a night out,” while others noted “clues” the believe gave way to an odd theory.

Some Reddit users speculated that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum may not actually be raising her own baby.

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According to one Reddit user’s outrageous theory: “The baby was just taken out of a woman that was essentially rented for nine months and when placed with his genetic mom was immediately ditched for a dinner outing and is a clear clue to him that he will be partially raised by a nanny for his entire life.”

They went on: “He’s basically a part-time responsibility for Khloe and I’m not saying that to be mean, because that’s just how kids are when you’re that rich. It goes for all of the sisters.

“The only thing that gives me a small bit of hope is the good things I’ve heard in regards to how Khloe treats True’s nanny and how involved she seems to be compared to Kim and Kourtney.”

The Reddit user added: “He certainly won’t be raised by Tristan, either, at least not in a fair way.

“Because giving all of your attention to 3/4 kids makes you an unfair parent even to the three you are involved with by nature of showing favorites and them having to find a different way to meet Theo.”


Other fans were quick to agree, sharing their own thoughts and adding to the speculation on the thread.

Other haters accused Khloe of using her child as a “prop,” or a storyline for her family’s new Hulu series the Kardashians.

One commenter suggested the baby is “a doll for her to pick up when needed,” adding, “I suspect she did not do the work to bond with this baby.”

Another speculated: “Are she and Kylie BOTH saving their baby boys for a big reveal on the show? I feel like this is the case. So messed up to use children like this.”

One fan floated another wild theory, writing: “I have a theory that Kylie’s baby is actually Khloe’s baby bc Kylie was khloe’s surrogate. That’s why we haven’t seen Kylie’s baby and when we finally see Khloe’s baby he will be 8 months old.”


Some guessed that Khloe might be spending time away from the baby because she’s struggling to connect due to Tristan’s past infidelity.

“She wanted a son so Tristan would want her/be faithful and it didn’t work. She’s probably feeling ill towards the baby,” one Reddit user wrote.

Another wrote: “She only brought him because she thought it would make Tristan stay with her.”

Khloe hasn’t addressed the rampant speculation about her child or why she hasn’t shown him off.


Fans believe it’s only a matter of time before the reality star shows off her son, however.

Although they believe a glimpse of the baby is incoming, critics made no secret about their beliefs about her motivations.

One Reddit user wrote: “She won’t post pictures of this baby until she figures out how she’s going to make money doing it.”

Another added: “i feel like they treat kids as an accessory more than an actual human life sometimes. like a photo accessory, something new for people to talk about and keep them relevant. it’s gross.”

Others think the baby is being used as fodder for the show, with one writing: “Yep, they need something big for the show now that Pete dumped Kim.”

Khloe has been quiet amid the arrival of her son, but so has the rest of her family.


So far, only one member of the KarJenner clan has addressed the baby’s arrival.

That family member is Caitlyn Jenner, who previously teased that another member of the family was expecting amid Kylie’s baby news.

Caitlyn, 72, took to Twitter on Friday to write: “Congratulations major Khloe Kardashian, I love you so much! 

“You are such a strong woman. And what an amazing mother!”

Caitlyn made the comments as she shared an online article about the new arrival.

News broke on August 5 that Khloe and her NBA star ex have welcomed a baby boy.

His name, however, is still unknown.

The baby was conceived shortly before Khloe learned that Tristan had cheated on her with Maralee Nichols, 31, in December while celebrating his birthday.


The reality star and Canadian-born athlete dated on-and-off from 2016 to 2021.

Tristan fathered a child with Maralee during an affair and Khloe ended their relationship for good after she found out.

In July, Khloe’s rep confirmed that she and her cheating ex were expecting baby No. 2.

“Khloe is incredibly grateful to the extraordinary surrogate for such a beautiful blessing,” her red said.

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Tristan now has four children from three different women.

He is not involved in Maralee’s son Theo’s life, however – at least according to her.

Instagram / Tristan Thompson

Khloe and ex Tristan Thompson are already parents to daughter True[/caption]

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Their son marks a second child and was conceived just before the cheating scandal[/caption]

Tristan fathered a child with mistress Maralee Nichols during an affair

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