Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
JOY-ANNA Duggar is fueling speculation that she’s pregnant after she was spotted hiding behind family members in recent photos.

The Duggar family – including excommunicated member Jill Duggar – gathered to celebrate Abbie’s baby shower.


Joy-Anna Duggar is fueling speculation that she’s pregnant with baby No. 3[/caption]


She was spotted wearing a loose dress and hiding behind family at a recent gathering[/caption]

Those who attended the party shared sweet snaps, including a group shot featuring several Duggar ladies and their family friends.

One such photo, shared by Esther Bates, shows Joy-Anna, tk, hiding behind pregnant sister-in-law Abbie.

The post comes amid rumors that she is pregnant and fans think she may have been using the others in the photo to keep the secret.

Reddit users shared other snaps from the celebration, which give a slightly better view of Joy-Anna’s stomach.

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Many noted that she appears to be wearing a loose-fitting dress in the photos.

While not uncommon due to Duggar modesty standards, fans think it may be a clue.

One Reddit user wrote: “Joy is probably pregnant again.”

Speculation has been rife as of late, though the former Counting On star has been largely absent from social media.


Earlier this month, Duggar fans noted a minor detail in a new photo shared by the star that signals a baby is incoming.

In her first post back on Instagram after a six-month break, Joy-Anna posed outside with her husband Austin Forsyth, and their two kids, Gideon and Evelyn.

They are dressed to the nines in the sweet snap and Joy-Anna has on glasses.

Reddit users claim there’s a clue in the reality star’s specs.

On a Duggar-dedicated Reddit board, one fan commented 
“Joy is wearing her glasses…start the announcement clock.”

A second person wrote: “Every time the glasses give it away.”

Another Redditor reasoned, “the sudden social media return makes sense now,” with a fourth adding, “Oh she is [definitely] pregnant.”

One fan asked, “fill me in on this theory…I also think she’s pregnant.”

An observant Redditor responded, writing “Joy seems to only wear her glasses while pregnant. Either [because] her vision changes while pregnant to the point she needs glasses or she always needs glasses but her eyes change shape during pregnancy so she can’t wear her contacts.”

Other fans argued that more proof is needed, with one person commenting “We thought this before her social media break…when she had glasses on.”

Another commenter chimed, “Yeah, she’s worn glasses plenty before and not been pregnant…We need another thing to gauge her on besides this.”


Fans have been speculating about a possible third pregnancy for some time.

Speculation picked up after eagle-eyed fans thought they spotted a bump hiding beneath Joy-Anna’s clothing.

She personality added to the buzz as her followers uncovered a recent photo with friends.

In the picture, reshared on Reddit, the reality star again posed with Austin and their children. 

The young family stood beside a group of friends outside of the Gospel Light Baptist Church where they smiled after Sunday service.

Fans were far more concerned about Joy-Anna’s choice of clothing, as she rocked a loose-fitting babydoll dress with a patchwork pattern.

The mother of two also positioned her son right in front of her stomach, in what seemed like an effort to hide a growing bump.

The former TLC star’s fans raced to the comments, wasting no time weighing in.

“If Joy is pregnant she’s good at hiding it,” one wrote alongside the photo, opening up the conversation.

“The waistline of her dress would cover a small bump for sure. With that said, she’s been looking ‘early pregnant’ for many months.

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“At some point at least, it has to have just been Joy having a regular post-baby tummy. It’s really hard to get anything definitive from any of these pictures we’ve seen,” a second argued.

A third noted: “The only reason I think she is, is because Evy will be 2 next month.”


She previously generated pregnancy buzz with a family photo after a social media break[/caption]


In another snap, fans noticed she was hiding her stomach while out with friends[/caption]

Instagram/Joy-Anna Duggar

She has not addressed the speculation[/caption]

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