Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
FANS are wondering if Jessa Duggar is pregnant, after she posted a cryptic photo online while discussing health care.

The former Counting On star was describing shared health care options for Christians, but followers were fixated on her accompanying photo.


Jessa Duggar shared a photo that had fans wondering if she was pregnant again[/caption]


The reality star is already a mother of four with husband Ben Seewald[/caption]

In the pic, Jessa, 29, and husband Ben Seewald, 27, standing in front of an Old Mill.

Ben has his arms wrapped around his wife, but is clearly leaning back, giving her room to breath.

She also appears to have a baby bump, and is wearing a loose dress to cover it up.

In the comments section, someone asked flatly: “R u expecting again!?!!”



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Jessa herself answered with an emphatic: “No.”

But nowhere did Jessa mention what she shared was a throwback picture – to a time she actually was pregnant.

In the comments section and in online chatrooms, the speculation wouldn’t stop.

“I thought this was a birth announcement,” one person commented, while another analyzed: “He doesn’t appear to be right up on her belly, like they were when they were first married.”

Another person pointed out: “She posted a throwback without saying so, and she clearly has a bump.

“I think it was around the time she had just given birth.”

And one fan warned her to expect these questions: “Yeah, that picture that she used for this post has her pregnant, so she is going to get the questions.”

Jessa and Ben, have a total of four children together: Spurgeon, Henry, Ivy, and Fern, ranging from the ages of one to six years old.


The mom has recently come under fire for some of her parenting decisions.

Just days ago, she shared a photo of one-year-old daughter Fern sleeping on a bed while Ben and the rest of their children sit outside.

Fans slammed the absentee mom, spotting several things that could pose a hazard to the sleeping infant, who rested under a stocked shelf.

One Reddit user commented: “There’s not one thing in that image that follows any kind of safe infant sleep recommendation.”

Another commenter said: “Of course they don’t practice safe sleep,” while one added, “The shelf makes me nervous.”

In the snap, there is a lamp on the shelf above the sleeping baby, and the chord is dangling within the infant’s reach.

Commenters were concerned with the position of the lamp, and a user said: “She could pull that lamp down on her head.”

But one person made the main concern clear: “Shelf aside, babies should never be sleeping on adult mattresses, much less surrounded by soft bedding.”


In July, Jessa was raked through the mud for letting her three-year-old daughter Ivy eat a gas station donut on her birthday.

The Seewald family has also been criticized several times for having a messy home.

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In the past, Jessa gave fans a look at her clogged toilet during a home tour video which she received backlash for, and she also allowed her children draw on the cabinets with permanent markers.

Jessa has even been ripped for allowing her kids to eat pizza while sitting in the middle of a filthy driveway.

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Jessa was quick to shoot down rumors she is pregnant with baby number five[/caption]

The reality star has been slammed in the past for putting her kids in unsafe conditions
Fans also slammed Jessa for giving daughter Ivy a gas station donut for her birthday

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