Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
A paediatric occupational therapist has revealed the five things she’ll not be doing with her baby.

Shannon Bouchard, who is from the US, took to TikTok and shared an informative video which has since racked up an impressive 508,000 views.


Shannon Bouchard is a paediatric occupational therapist from the US[/caption]


The expert detailed the five things she’ll not be doing with her baby[/caption]

First up, and starting with what she says is the “most controversial”, the expert explains: “I will not be exclusively breastfeeding.

Giving a pump, giving formula….fed is best, however baby is eating is OK with me.”

Moving onto number two, Shannon says she will not be using a bouncy jumper from the door hanger or any other surface.

Explaining why, Shannon simply notes: “Two words – hip dysplasia.”



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The paediatrician goes on to say how she will not be letting anyone hold or touch her baby who is not up-to-date on their Covid or flu vaccinations.

“We’re not f***ing around with infectious illnesses in our first 3-6 months of life,” she explains.

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Shannon continues: “This one seems very niche but I will be avoiding spoon feeding my child purees as much as possible.”

“We’re going to be focusing on baby-led weening, finger foods and them having control of their utensils.”

“Just because the transition of me feeding them to them having the spoon themselves can be really difficult.”

“So we’re just going to give them the spoon as early as possible and figure it out.”

Last but not least, Shannon insists that she will “not be letting my child cry it out.”

She captioned the video: “Take it or leave it, here’s my 5 #thingsiwouldntdo as a paediatric occupational therapist.”

The post has been flooded with comments from parents up and down the country, with one writing: “Girl, YES!! Fellow peds OT here and also 33 weeks pregnant. I agree will ALL OF THESE!”

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The second commented: “Pediatric OT and pregnant mama here!! Our lists are the same!!”

A third warned: “lol ohhh the plans we have before baby comes…. I remember all my plans… harder then you think!”

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