Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Earlier this summer, fans of Desus & Mero were heartbroken to learn that New York’s best comedy duo was on the rocks and that there was potential beef between the pair, who have been working together for over a decade. They later confirmed that they would be “pursuing separate creative endeavors moving forward,” and Desus Nice seems to have landed his first post-Showtime gig as a guest host on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night.

Of course, he couldn’t host an entire show without referencing his former stint on Showtime while making jokes about being on network TV. “Listen, it’s weird to be hosting a show on network TV because I was on Showtime for the past four years, where they pretty much let you say what the f*ck you want.”

Nice then went on to do a standard late-night monologue, touching on various hot-button topics like the FBI and Donald Trump. He then criticized Trump’s claim that he was able to take court documents with him to his golf club while taking a slight dig at himself. “When you get fired from the office, you don’t get to take the Xerox machine home with you. When I got fired from Showtime, they don’t let me bring home the cast of Shameless.” Maybe not Shameless, but he probably could have gotten a nice guest spot on Yellowjackets.

Nice hasn’t confirmed what his next move will be, while The Kid Mero confirmed that he will be focused more on writing during the next phase of his career. Nice recently made a guest spot on the Derek Jeter documentary The Captain, and hopefully will get to do more late-night standup… although Showtime can’t be thrilled about this bit!

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