Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
SPORTS broadcaster Mike Greenberg is familiar with audiences for his on-screen hosting gigs.

Viewers tune in to see Mike “Greeny” on the ESPN morning show Get Up, which is why they couldn’t help but notice his absence from the program.


Regarding his whereabouts, fans of sportscaster Mike Greenberg attempted to learn the reason for his disappearance[/caption]

Where is Mike Greenberg?

During the first couple weeks of August 2022, fans of Get Up took to social media to express their concerns about Mike Greenberg’s string of absences from the morning sports series.

On Twitter, one fan said: “Maybe @espn needs to rebrand the show as Sometimes Greeny! Not This Week Greeny! Or even Where in the world is Greeny?”

A second fan tweeted: “Okay real talk what does Mike Greenberg do to get this many days off from ESPN? I used to look forward to him on #GetUp and #Greeny everyday and damn near everyday I’ve been getting ‘Canty filling in for Greeny’… the people miss you.”

“Will Mike Greenberg ever work again?” questioned another viewer.

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Greeny’s extended time away from both Get Up and his eponymous network radio broadcast, the questions surrounding his whereabouts continued to pour in.

“When are they going drop Mike Greenberg’s show he never is on his own show,” asked one viewer.

Meanwhile, another fan tweeted: “Greeny where are you? My day sucks when I can’t listen to you.”

On Tuesday, August 16, Greeny made his long-awaited return to his Get Up audience.

Throughout his returning episode, he discussed Zach Wilson, his knee surgery, and Zach’s future with the New York Jets.

He also went into detail about what to expect from the Dallas Cowboys during the 2022-2023 NFL season.

What is Mike Greenberg’s net worth?

Prior to becoming an analyst on Get Up, he hosted a number of shows for ESPN and other networks.

From 2000 to 2017, he co-headlined Mike & Mike with fellow sportscaster Mike Golic.


Greeny has been with ESPN since 2000, he was the co-host of Mike & Mike with Mike Golic[/caption]

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Greeny amassed an estimated fortune of $28million.

He was also on the roster of panelists for SportsCenter.

Following the dissolution of Mike & Mike, he joined Get Up in April 2018.

When it came to his decision, the host told The Wrap: “I thought I would really miss the platform and the opportunity to go on and opine about stuff, but it has been a really nice time.

“Who gets the opportunity in the middle of their career to take this much time off without it being a bad thing?”

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Greeny shared: “The look of it will be different to what almost anyone is doing at ESPN or otherwise, but the biggest consequence will be our proximity to people in the world.

“We will have an opportunity to get people to do things with us — you’ll see different faces, different voices. I am a native New Yorker so I do hope some of that energy rubs off.”

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