Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

The Biden administration is facing criticism over its handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, one year after America’s longest war came to a screeching halt. 

Army veteran and former UFC fighter Tim Kennedy called out President Biden, refuting claims on how the exit was conducted as U.S. forces scrambled to rescue American citizens, green card holders and allies from the Kabul airport. 

“There are burning bodies or dead babies hanging in concertina wire,” Kennedy recalled during “Outnumbered” on Tuesday. “Like the things of absolute nightmares were happening all around us, every single place that you looked.”


“Everybody looked to us and realized how vulnerable we really are,” he continued. “It’s the first time that you saw Superman bleed, like the first time in a long time that we really recognized how dangerous a position America was [in] and Afghanistan amplified that.”

Kennedy volunteered with the group Save Our Allies to rescue thousands of people fleeing the Taliban-controlled nation. 

The group prioritized the rescue of American citizens, but also successfully evacuated Christians, orphans, pilots, and teachers who wanted to flee Taliban control. 

He noted despite Biden’s early claim that “no one” was dying, he watched Taliban fighters gun down crowds with AK-47s, slamming the government’s “indifference” on evacuating Americans and U.S. allies. 

“There’s no worse insult than indifference,” Kennedy said. “You can call me the worst names on the planet, but to be indifferent, to me, that hurts me to the core… There were Americans that were there, green card holders, permanent residents, and we were leaving them there.

“The indifference of our government to look at the Afghan people, people that fought beside us, that died, that gave everything for this, our ideas, our values to exist in Afghanistan and our security and our stabilization, that’s why we were there,” he continued. 

Save Our Allies has successfully evacuated around 12,000 people, although it remains unclear how many Americans and U.S. allies might still be left behind. 

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