Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
A KILLER father who murdered his ex and told his children to ‘close your eyes’ as they walked past her lifeless body has been found dead after a month-long manhunt, police say.

The body of Michael Grant Asman, 35, was found Monday about 100 yards from his truck, which was parked after the July 14 shooting of Julie Ann Burns in Wallowa State Park, Oregon.

Michael Grant Asman had issued an arrest warrant for the murder of Julie Burns before he was found dead
Michael Grant Asman had issued an arrest warrant for the murder of Julie Burns before he was found deadPhoto Credit: Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office
JuBurns was found dead at her home with a gunshot wound
JuBurns was found dead at her home with a gunshot woundPhoto credit: Facebook/Julie Burns

A US service forest ranger struck the vehicle around 12:45 p.m. before the sheriff’s office was called to the scene — and found Asman’s body, KPCW reported.

His body was found shortly after, but the cause of death has not been confirmed.

According to police, Asman fled after his ex Burns was found dead from a gunshot wound at her home in Heber City, Utah on July 14, 2022, sparking a major manhunt.

During an interview with investigators, the Burns children said they saw Asman come into their home with a gun last Wednesday – and heard gunshots on the day of their mother’s death.

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Indictment documents obtained by KSL-TV say that “the child disclosed seeing Michael with a gun” and that they “were upstairs when they heard what they believed was a gunshot.”

“The child said Asman then told [them] “Coming down and… closing your eyes” as they left the house,” the filing reads.

“Then her aunt was called and came and picked her up.”

It was Asman’s sister who alerted police, telling police her brother was “acting weird and asking her to come [to] Get the kids” — but officers were unable to contact anyone inside.

The next day, another welfare claim was filed by Burns’ colleague, who “noticed what she thought was blood on the kitchen floor” when she came to check on her.

Burns’ staff became concerned when she didn’t show up for work and didn’t answer the phone.

Asman’s ex was found lying on the kitchen floor with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the head.

She was pronounced dead at the scene. And the police issued an arrest warrant for Asman.


A press release from the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office last Thursday revealed the significance of Asman’s capture before his body was found Monday.

It read: “Do not approach this person. He is considered armed and dangerous.”

In June, Asman was arrested after Julie reportedly told authorities she was “scared [Asman] will kill her by either beating her to death or shooting her,” according to indictment documents referenced by Law and Crime.

“The victim claimed these were statements [Asman] in previous incidents of domestic violence.”

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Police reported that Asman allegedly punched Burns in the face and pulled her out of a moving car while trying to get her children out before his arrest in June.

She did not report the incident to authorities because she feared for her life, KPCW reported. Terrifying update on hunt for killer dad who told kids to ‘close your eyes’ as he led them past ex’s lifeless body

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