Sat. Oct 1st, 2022
TRADER JOE’S is a fan favorite for many Americans with their huge range of offerings and everyone has their favorite selection.

One superfan, however, went a step further and asked store associates for HER must-have pics to pick up.

Nicki Marie is a Trader Joe super fan and asked three employees at a Massachusetts location what their favorite items in the store were
Nicki Marie is a Trader Joe super fan and asked three employees at a Massachusetts location what their favorite items in the store werePhoto credit: TikTok/nickiunplugged

Nicki Marie, also known as Nickiunplugged, has two million TikTok followers and recently shared some fan-favorite items from store employees.

She said her routine is to walk into a Trader Joe’s store once a week and ask three employees what their favorite thing to buy is.

For this video, she went to a location in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

Here’s what she learned about each of the three totally decadent picks.

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1. Apple Blossoms

Debbie's choice was a sweet treat called Apple Blossoms
Debbie’s choice was a sweet treat called Apple BlossomsPhoto credit: TikTok/nickiunplugged

She said Debbie, who works at the site, was “stunned” by the sweet treat, which retails for an average of $2.89 per eight-ounce, two-flower box.

“They’re orgasmic,” is how Nicki described her.

Trader Joe’s said the product has been a customer favorite in its frozen food division for nearly 20 years.

2. Joe’s Diner Mac ‘n Cheese

Theresa's choice was this ooey gooey mac 'n cheese entree
Theresa’s choice was this ooey gooey mac ‘n cheese entreePhoto credit: TikTok/nickiunplugged

According to Theresa, Nicki said that this product was a “must have”.

It costs $2.99 ​​for a 14-ounce pack and can be found in the frozen section.

Describing the “ooey-gooey-and-oh-so-creamy” favorite, Trader Joe’s says, “It really tastes like you made it yourself – some have said even better.”

If that’s not enough to tempt your taste buds, there are four types of grated cheese – Cheddar, Havarti, Gouda and Swiss.

A Freezer Meal Frenzy review described it that way, saying it had an “absolutely wonderful melt-in-your-mouth texture that we love.

Here’s more about a taste test comparison The Sun previously did with the best mac ‘n’ cheese around, including fan favorites from Kraft Heinz, Target, and Walmart.

3. Greek Chickpeas

Her followers also raved about Moe's choice - chickpeas with parsley and cumin
Her followers also raved about Moe’s pickaxe – chickpeas with parsley and cuminPhoto credit: TikTok/nickiunplugged

The selection came from Moe, and Nicki said she “had them as a side…and immediately wanted to make a Greek salad with them.”

They are flavored with cumin and parsley.

The garbanzo beans retail $1.99 for a 9-ounce can, and Trader Joe’s described them as “deconstructed” hummus.

Nicki received almost 2.5 million views for her post and more than 1,000 comments.

One reflected her love of the legume. “These chickpeas are amazing… cherry tomatoes, red onions, cucumber and feta! Must make! Sooo good!”

Another said: “As someone who may or may not work for TJs, I love being asked this question.”

So Nicki asked what her choice was. The answer?

“Longtime favorite Thai sweet chili sauce, fantastic on meatballs and rice for a quick meal.”

Another commented: “Oh we love the mac and cheese at our house! There are always 5 in the freezer.”

Many posters offered their own favorites, including snacks like tangerine creams on a stick and peanut butter and caramel popcorn.

Other employee favorites

The US Sun spoke to an employee at a Trader Joe’s in midtown Manhattan, New York City.

Dino Chellaram has worked at the store for eight months and said he loves his job – and the items there.

He said that the store “likes to bring different items that everyone loves during different holidays.”

But he said he has a few favorites of his own, including:

While customers and employees rave about the products at Trader Joe’s, it’s worth noting that the company doesn’t offer any specials, coupons, or a loyalty program to keep costs down.

The retailer said on its website: “We know it’s vital to maintain our daily focus on value, which is why we have no sales, no coupons and There are no loyalty programs or swipe membership cards in our stores.

“Trader Joe’s believes every customer should have access to the best prices on the best products, every day.”

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