December 7, 2021

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Are Tiffany Haddish and Common still dating? Relationship explored

Are Tifanny Haddish and Common still dating? Well, it seems like a lot of fans are confused about their relationship and many have even concluded that they aren’t together.

Last year, the couple clarified on Instagram live that they were together and going strong after baseless rumors suggested that they had called quits on their relationship.

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Are Tiffany Haddish and Common dating?

Despite speculations about Tiffany and Common splitting, neither Tiffany nor Common have spoken about breaking up.

Tiffany and Common haven’t gone out of their way to show off their relationship and from what we see, they like to keep it lowkey.

Previously, a source told US Weekly that they make a “great couple” and expressed how the duo’s inner circle sees them in this “for the long run.”

Furthermore, only two months back the couple appeared together on a talk show and openly discussed their romance. Read on to know more than.

Therefore, one couldn’t draw conclusions about the couple’s relationship and it’s only fair to wait for them to address it.

Couple gushes about their relationship

Tiffany and Common appeared together as a couple on ‘Friday Night Vibes’ in August 2021.

The duo went on to spill the tea on their relationship as the host asked them a series of questions, all on a lighter note.

While Common said he likes to pick his beau from the airport personally and surprise her with her favorite food, Tiffany said her rapper boyfriend is the kind of man she prayed for.

Clearly, the two stars are extremely fond of each other as opposed to what the rumors claimed.

Nerf Legends | Launch Trailer

Nerf Legends | Launch Trailer

Fans surprised to learn about the rapper and comedian’s romance

Tiffany and Common have kept their relationship away from social media and it’s only fair considering the scrutiny they are subject to.

Perhaps, this could also be one of the reasons many aren’t aware of their love story and current relationship status.

One tweeted, “Wait Tiffany Haddish is dating Common fr. I thought she’s joking when she says that”

Another said, “Chile I did not know common and Tiffany Haddish was a couple.”

One added to the above tweets saying, “I did not know that Common and Tiffany Haddish were dating .”

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