Couple transform ‘dark’, ‘overlooked’ Manchester garden for £23,000 into incredible Victorian backyard

A COUPLE magically transformed their dark, dingy garden in Manchester into a dreamy escape.

Appearing on an episode of Your Garden Made Perfect, the £23,000 garden make over was declared ‘the best’ of the entire series by viewers.


The large garden felt too ‘dark’ and ‘overlooked’ for Chris and Mandy to enjoy[/caption]


A few clever tricks and some brightening up later, the outdoor space is unrecognisable[/caption]

Mandy and Chris had lived in their Manchester home for eight years but never used their north facing back garden because it was too dark and overlooked as their neighbours were so close which meant zero privacy.

Award-winning landscape designer Helen Elks-Smith helped the couple to transform the space, and she put in a dining area, higher fencing and tall trees for improved privacy.

A great project for the new year, perhaps their make-over will have you thinking about how you could make your garden look its best this year.

Chris and Mandy began by explaining that they rarely used their garden because they could see into the windows of neighbouring houses.


As for what they wanted, there was a clash, as; one wanted to bring in bright sunlight and the other preferred to go for dappled shaded spots. 

Once they had seen two different computer generated designs with 3D glasses, Chris and Mandy decided on Helen’s design idea.

They had budgeted £20,000 for the transformation but overspent by £3,000, as they had to fork out extra money for larger, more mature trees.

Helen’s design used 45 degree angles to break up the invasive views into next-doors gardens. 

The finished garden has a seating area as well as an outdoor sofa and even a separate dining area which is all connected by a diagonally paved path.

They each used a grey fabric on the furniture with orange motifs and cushions to keep the garden trendy for all seasons.

Helen added height to the garden with unusual horizontal fencing, which gives them more privacy but still lets in light.

One side of the garden features a stunning flower bed that houses ‘chunky’ flowers, again helping to block the views from neighbours.

She also positioned existing trees and planted new trees to creates a canopy to hide the area from outside eyes.

Chris and Mandy were delighted with the finished garden and are sure to use their outdoor space way more now that the privacy issue is sorted.

Viewers were also impressed by the makeover, as one tweeted they had ‘saved the best til last’, because the garden transformations in the series had been disappointing for some fans until this episode aired.

Another wrote: “Wow love the garden, that acer is stunning at the end. That’s money well spent 🙂 #yourgardenmadeperfect.”

One fan posted: “Love this garden. Best design and end result by far for me. My favourite thus far. #yourgardenmadeperfect.”

Another Your Garden Made Perfect fan tweeted: “Helen does the best gardens. This one ticks all the boxes and yes, big plants cost – but doesn’t it look great. #yourgardenmadeperfect.”


The garden was barely used and clearly ignored[/caption]


They had attempted to create some privacy with a garden umbrella[/caption]


The biggest expense was big, old trees that were brought in to create a canopy[/caption]


Multiple umbrellas and tall trees had been utilised in an attempt for some privacy[/caption]


A birds eye view of the completed garden reveals the impressive shapes[/caption]


Mandy and Chris can enjoy meals outside now[/caption]


A welcoming sofa around a social-able fire pit is ideal for entertaining[/caption]


Bright plants, flowers and decorative cushions and candles give the garden a fresh spark[/caption]

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