Ghislaine Maxwell is a monster but when are the evil men in Epstein’s sex ring going to face justice?

GHISLAINE MAXWELL is undoubtedly a monster.

Rightly, she will spend the rest of her days in a cell no bigger than one of her former walk-in wardrobes.

Do something for women, Ghislaine Maxwell: Bring the men down, says Clemmie Moodie

Until last week, Maxwell’s Wikipedia page described her as a “socialite”. Today it reads “convicted sex offender”.

How far, and fast, the mighty fall. And yet . . . there’s a big “and yet”. Where are the shamed male monsters?

Jeffrey Epstein, of course, took the easy way out. The man who physically carried out the bulk of these monstrosities dodged justice by killing himself.

Numerous other high-profile blokes have been linked to his depraved sex ring. Unnamed, unharmed, and undamaged, they remain free to roam, to rape, to scar, for life.

Why is it the woman who has been left to carry the can? Why isn’t more being done to investigate the men in Epstein’s circle?

Although Maxwell’s guilty verdict has no direct bearing on Prince Andrew’s civil suit brought by Virginia Giuffre — who claims he sexually assaulted her when she was just 17, a minor in US law — it has certainly raised more questions about Andrew’s involvement with the paedophile.

So where is Andrew — who vehemently denies all allegations? Probably bobbing about at the wheel of his new £80,000 Range Rover on the Windsor estate.

No need for air-con though, obvs. Instead of clearing his name once and for all, Andrew and his lawyers continue to duck and dive. What about the others?

Wendy Murphy, a former sex crimes prosecutor, told The Observer: “The public wants a pound of flesh from the rapists — not just the pimps.”

Now that queen pimp Maxwell is behind bars, what about the unnamed men who happily supped from the perverted font of Epstein and his well of billions?

Where are the vile predators who, alongside Epstein, abused these poor young girls?

Those who happily visited “Paedo Island”, as Epstein’s estate in the US Virgin Islands was dubbed, and got up to God knows what? These creatures need locking up for 100 life sentences.

Epstein and Maxwell had powerful friends. Big-hitting lawyer Alan Dershowitz maintains his own innocence but also has questions to answer.

Ms Giuffre, now 38, claims she was required to have sex with Dersho-witz on multiple occasions.


Another bloke dragged into the mess, Jes Staley, resigned as the head of Barclays in November amid reports he exchanged 1,200 emails with Epstein.

Feverish intrigue surrounds former US Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, both men cited as frequent fliers aboard Epstein’s private jet, the “Lolita Express”.

Bill Gates frequented his New York mansion at least three times after Epstein had been convicted of procuring a child for prostitution in 2008.

All of these men deny any wrongdoing and there is no suggestion they were privy to Epstein and Maxwell’s vile acts. Yet with so much wealth, power and politics at stake, it all seems so murky.

Jean-Luc Brunel, a former model scout pictured on Epstein’s plane with Maxwell, is to date the only man who has been arrested and charged with a crime — the rape of minors — in his native France.

Maxwell could yet sing like a canary. In her shackled hands she holds a unique key that could unlock those chains and, eventually, free her. She could name and shame, bringing the men down.

Will that be her first and only act of feminist defiance? Only time will tell.

Jeffrey Epstein dead aged 66 – Billionaire paedo kills himself in jail after underage sex slave claims
Jeffrey Edward Epstein was an American financier and convicted sex offender


PHILOSOPHERS can philosophise, MPs pontificate and scientists play with their pie charts, but no one hits the festive nail on the head quite like Vicky Pattison.

Over Instagram – the 21st Century’s Roman Forum – the Geordie Shore star mused: “I don’t know what’s scarier at this point – taking a lateral flow test or weighing yourself.”

Vax lie risking lives

IN times of crisis – a global pandemic in this instance – governments should be increasingly working cross-party.

Labour’s plan to clamp down on social media platforms that repeatedly fail to remove dangerous – indeed, potentially life-threatening – anti-vax content is an excellent one.

In times of crisis – a global pandemic in this instance – governments should be increasingly working cross-party, says Clemmie Moodie

The Government should not only be listening but acting. Now.

Lucy Powell, the Shadow Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, is calling for a regulator “with teeth” to oversee the likes of Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

At present, a dozen or so very vocal anti-vax loons are running amok on these sites, publishing their ridiculous conspiracy theories – which get shared and seen by millions – and helping to organise major disturbances such as the terrifying recent raid on a testing centre in Milton Keynes.

Until digital publishers such as Facebook start acting like newspapers and national broadcasters – with financial and reputational penalties at stake if they don’t – these dangerous cretins will be free to spread their lies.

Until then, those lies will keep costing lives.


SLOW hand-clap for pop starlet Camila Cabello. Like a modern-day Suffragette, the Cuban-born singer is an inspiration to womankind.

On Boxing Day, the pioneering star bravely announced (on social media) she was giving up social media and embarking on a “digital detox”. Her heroic stand lasted precisely four and a half days.

By January 1, chirpy and presumably fully cleansed, Camilla posted a selfie to her 60million followers who, one assumes, had endured a sleepless four nights.

A generation of women are duly inspired.

Power drunk Nicola

MEANWHILE, in the People’s Republic of Scotland, mighty leader Chairwoman Ni Sturg-Ping continues apace.

The diminutive dictator’s First Minister’s ludicrous festive restrictions ended in farce with hundreds of p***ed-off revellers upping sticks and getting p***ed south of the border instead.

The media reckon Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is the best-performing politician during the coronavirus crisis
Nicola Sturgeon’s festive restrictions ended in farce with hundreds of revellers heading south of the border to celebrate the New Year

Newcastle was over-run with Scots seeing in the New Year with a bang – and quite probably a cheery spot of Omicron which they then swiftly transported back home.

Power-mad zealot Nicola makes Boris look like the face of reason.

And that’s saying something.


AS if the brie and ’95 Petrus-loving Tory Party didn’t have enough of an image problem at the moment.

Now, some embarrassing leaked correspondence has revealed that Liz Truss – tipped to succeed Boris Johnson – hosted an eye-wateringly expensive gin and wine-fuelled lunch at a private members’ club.

The Foreign Secretary and her pals gamely ploughed through two bottles of dry gin, three £153 bottles of Pazo Barrantes Albarino and two bottles of French Coudoulet de Beaucastel, all in the name of international relations.

All paid for by – yup – you and I.

Glassy touch

AN apology to Gary Barlow. A few weeks ago, writing in this column, I made a slightly snide remark about the Take That man bringing out his own range of plonk – something along the lines of:

“Who’d rock up to a dinner party proudly clutching a bottle of Barlow Barolo?”

Sorry Gary, your plonk was genuinely delicious, says Clemmie Moodie
Instagram / BEEM

Anyway. Poor Gary* read the offending piece and promptly sent me a couple of bottles of his best plonk.

On New Year’s Eve, because I know how to live, one of them, a white, was duly opened – and it was genuinely delicious. Quite appley.

So, Gary, I’m sorry. (And any other bottles welcome for Moderation January.)

* For “Gary”, read “Gary’s seething PR team”.

All fur rights

ANIMALS could be referred to as “non-human persons” if certain academics have their way.

The Cambridge Centre for Animal Rights Law hopes to consult on new legislation involving all creatures great and small.

While, at first glance, it all seems a bit “chest-feedy” and “people with cervixes”, actually this is one wokeism I’m fully on board with.

As Cambridge fellow Dr Sean Butler says: “The more we understand animals – their sentience, capabilities, emotions – the more the idea of granting rights to animals is worth taking seriously.”

He’s right. To para-phrase philosopher Immanuel Kant: “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”

How, in 2022, we still allow battery farming – hens and cows cooped up in conditions beyond barbaric – is absurd and heartbreakingly cruel. In my book, anyone who loves dogs can’t be all bad (except Hitler).