December 5, 2021

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How to do the ‘Favorite Photo From This Summer’ Instagram trend

Instagram’s ‘Who Are You In Love With’ trend has taken the internet by storm this week, and now another version is going viral.

The challenge saw people declaring their love for their significant other using a specific Instagram sticker.

Now, people are using the same sticker to show their favourite photo from the summer.

If you want to take part, here’s how to do the ‘Favorite Photo From This Summer’ trend…

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Instagram Trailer – No Comply

Instagram Trailer – No Comply

What is the ‘Favorite Photo From This Summer’ trend?

Over the past few days, a new trend has been taking over Instagram called ‘Favorite Photo From This Summer’.

As the name implies, it involves showing off your favorite photo from the summer to your Instagram followers.

Then, you add a specific sticker that says ‘Favorite Photo From This Summer’ to show that you are taking part in the trend.

It could be a picture of you at the beach with your friends, sunbathing by the pool or playing with your dog in the sunshine.

Whatever your favourite memory from summer 2021 is, it’s time to share it on social media.

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Sticker by @astrida_03 on Instagram

How to do the viral trend

If you come across someone else who has done the trend on your Instagram Stories, you can simply press ‘Add Yours’ on their sticker to copy the sticker to your story.

Alternatively, follow these steps to get the sticker…

  1. In Instagram’s search bar, type @astrida_03 and click on her profile. 
  2. Tap the first Story highlight that says ‘Add Your Sticker’. 
  3. Find the one that says ‘Favourite Photo From This Summer’. It should be the 16th Story along. 
  4. Tap ‘Add Yours’ and the sticker will be added to your story.
  5. Now, add your favourite photo from the summer and post it to your Instagram Story.
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There are loads to choose from

If you’re a fan of the trend, there are loads of different stickers to choose from.

The Instagram user @astrida_03 has created a whole host of ‘show me’ stickers including ‘your best sunset photo’, ‘your lock screen’ and ‘what gives you happiness’.

Other ones include ‘your zodiac sign’, ‘food you like’, ‘your small business’, ‘your best window view’ and ‘a mirror selfie’.

Just tap ‘Add Yours’ on the sticker and find a photo that matches the caption to post to your Instagram Story.

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