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THIS is the incredible moment a mum tackled a bald eagle topless after the bird swooped in to steal her pet – all while holding her baby.

Cait Oakley, 31, sprang straight into “mama bear” mode after hearing the cries of her beloved goose Frankie.

The incredible moment Cait Oakley rescued her goose was captured on CCTV
Frankie had begun honking before a bald eagle swooped in to snatch her

But the mum-of-three from Vancouver, Canada, was breastfeeding her four-month-old daughter Willow at the time, wearing only her underwear.

The family had already “lost three chickens in the last week” and suspected a hawk was to blame for the crime spree.

So when she heard her pet Sebastopol goose honking hysterically on their front porch, Cait rushed to Frankie’s rescue.

Extraordinary CCTV footage shows the moment a bald eagle swoops in to snatch Frankie – savagely grabbing her by the neck and dragging her up the driveway.



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Quick-thinking Cait refused to lose another member of her flock and ran to the goose’s aid immediately – despite being preoccupied.

The 31-year-old had been breastfeeding her baby in her underwear when she responded to the call of duty.

The hilarious clip then shows the mum screaming at the eagle to drop Frankie while chasing it up her property, all while little Willow remained latched on.

Cait explained: “I was in the middle of feeding her, so that’s why I didn’t have a shirt on and was kind of getting ready for the evening.

“I just ran outside and when Mike [her husband] came out he was like, ‘you’re topless.’

“And I’m like yeah, no, I’m very aware. Sorry neighbours!

“As a mom of three I’m always breastfeeding and it’s so natural, that’s mom life summed up.

“Something is always going on when I’m feeding her and I’m always on the go.”

Thanks to her swift response, the gallant goose managed to escape unscathed.

Cait added: “She’s totally fine — super sassy, as always.

As a mom of three I’m always breastfeeding and it’s so natural, that’s mom life summed up.

Cait Oakley

And social media users couldn’t get enough of the remarkable video, branding a proud Cait “super mom”.

One admirer wrote: “Not all heroes wear capes…some wear a baby.”

While a second impressed user added: “Babe I’m in love with the fact that you ran out in your birthday suit almost. You’re a great mama!”

And another applauded: “Omg the way she’s at the front door calling for help – so happy to see you were there to save her.”

Other’s praised Cait’s determination “to protect and save”, describing her as “great mommy material”.

Cait said of her darling Frankie: “She’s like my fourth child. She follows me around the yard, she’ll nip at our clothes for a treat.

“She’s just such a large presence.”

The couple have now installed netting around their property in a bid to ward off further eagle attacks and ensure Frankie’s safety.

The mum-of-three explained she had already lost three chickens in a week

Cait quick actions showed just how well mums can multitask[/caption]

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