December 5, 2021

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Is Emperor Zurg in Lightyear? 2022 Pixar movie villain explored

Batman has the Joker, Spider-Man has Venom, Marty McFly has Biff, and Buzz Lightyear has Zurg.

Where would a great hero be without an amazing villain? Well, you could argue strongly that they’d be nowhere. There have been a wealth of iconic antagonists throughout cinema history, and they haven’t all been offered by action and superhero tent poles.

If you grew up on Pixar, then there’s the chance that you never truly grew up, and we mean that as a compliment. The animation studios’ movies bring out the child in us all, offering the perfect family entertainment.

Their very first feature-length film was Toy Story in 1995 and we’ve since seen three sequels. While the first installment saw Buzz being the villain in Woody’s story, the second ushered in Al of Al’s Toy Barn as the big bad.

However, the screenwriters fleshed out Buzz’s true arch-nemesis, Emperor Zurg.

Audiences have now been invited to check out the trailer for Lightyear, a Buzz origin story. Inevitably, this has led fans of the franchise to speculate who the villain may be. So, is Zurg in the 2022 movie Lightyear?

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Is Zurg in the 2022 movie Lightyear?

Although the Lightyear teaser trailer doesn’t explicitly show the gun-wielding villain, the film’s director – Angus MacLane – has cheekily teased that he’ll make an appearance.

He explained while in conversation with Entertainment Weekly:

“If the core elements of what Buzz is were to be paid off correctly, you would want to make sure that he had a laser, you’d probably want to make sure that he had rocket legs, and you’d probably want to make sure that at some point he had a recognizable antagonist.”

Being careful not to give everything away, he added: “But of course, I’m not at liberty to say anything about anything at this time.”

Let’s be honest, if we’re talking recognisable Buzz antagonists, who is there?

There’s Emperor Zurg. After all, what would a Buzz origin story be without the character’s great nemesis? Without him, you could say that the core elements of what Buzz is wouldn’t be paid off, Angus. Alas, we’ll have to wait and see.

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“I see you guys teasing Zurg”

Few things get past the die-hard fans and Toy Story has plenty who have spotted nods to Zurg in the trailer.

Check out a selection of tweets:

Who voiced Emperor Zurg in the Toy Story movies?

Zurg was voiced by Andrew Stanton in Toy Story 2. He’s primarily known as an animator at Pixar who has also provided a number of voices across the studios’ filmography.

In Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, on the other hand, he was voiced by Wayne Knight (Jurassic Park), while others have showcased their vocal talents voicing him in numerous games.

It’s uncertain who will tackle the role if Zurg does feature in Lightyear. However, considering Tim Allen isn’t reprising the role of Buzz, it could be somebody who hasn’t done it before.

Taking over from Tim, we have Hollywood’s Chris Evans, best known for portraying Captain America in the MCU.

Lightyear is releasing on Friday, June 27th 2022.

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