December 5, 2021

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Meaning of Bing Chilling Meme explained: What is John Cena actually saying?

‘Bing Chilling’ has taken over social media and it’s all thanks to John Cena. He’s gone and done it again, the face of meme culture has broken the Internet with his latest video turned meme.

In the viral video, John Cena speaks Mandarin while holding steadfast an ice cream. But what is the professional wrestler actually saying?

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What is the Bing Chilling meme?

Wrestler and actor John Cena recorded himself sitting in a car with an ice cream in hand promoting the film Fast and Furious 9.

In the clip, John Cena can be seen speaking Mandarin, and the video was parodied by YouTubers by altering the English subtitles to make it appear as though Cena was in a dire situation.

In the video below, Cena speaks and sings into the ice cream cone as it if were a microphone.

What is John Cena actually saying?

Know Your Meme translated the Mandarin subtitles and discovered exactly what John Cena is saying in the viral video.

“Good morning, China.
Now I have ice cream.
I like ice cream very much.
But “Fast and Furious 9″ is better than ice cream.”

Twitter reacts to Bing Chilling meme

‘Bing Chilling’ has gone viral across the web and users have taken to Twitter (once they have stopped laughing) to share their thoughts about the hilarious meme.

One user tweeted: “Hello John. Can I have $10 for some bing chilling, please? You don’t have to though. It’s just an ask. Thank you.”

Another tweeted: “When John Cena said “bing chilling”… I really felt that.”

While another said: “This can’t be real right LMFAO.”

One user was in hysterics watching the hilarious viral video: “Think I’ve rewatched it about 500 times already today and laughed every time.”

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