Americans found quickly, but Mexico’s missing remain lost

In the wake of the recent kidnapping of four Americans in the border city of Matamoros, Mexico, the stark contrast between the quick response by Mexican authorities in rescuing the Americans and the ongoing problem of missing Mexicans is once again in sharp focus. While the Americans were rescued within days, there are still thousands of Mexicans missing in the state, many of whom have been missing for over a decade.


The local Gulf cartel was quickly identified as the culprit in the Americans’ kidnapping and subsequent shooting, leading to a massive search operation by Mexican soldiers and National Guard troops. The Americans were found within days, with two being confirmed dead, one injured, and one unharmed. The speed and effectiveness of the response is a stark reminder of the capacity of Mexican authorities when it comes to incidents involving foreign nationals.

However, the ongoing problem of missing Mexicans, especially in states long associated with cartel violence like Matamoros, remains a major concern. Families of the missing have been protesting for years, with little success in locating their loved ones. Many cases remain unsolved and have been mired in corruption and bureaucratic red tape.

Americans found quickly, but Mexico’s missing remain lost
Americans found quickly, but Mexico’s missing remain lost

The disparity in treatment between the missing Mexicans and the rescued Americans highlights the need for Mexican authorities to prioritize the search for missing persons in their country, regardless of nationality. The issue of missing Mexicans is not new, but the attention given to cases involving foreign nationals only serves to highlight the failures of the justice system to protect and serve its own citizens.

It is time for Mexican authorities to take action and ensure that the families of the missing receive the same level of attention and care as those of foreign nationals. Until then, the disparity in treatment will continue to highlight the shortcomings of the justice system and the need for meaningful change.

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