December 5, 2021

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What is the Six Flags Food Pass? Man saves thousands with easy trick

33-year-old electrical engineer Dylan from California revealed how he ate every single meal at Six Flags for an entire year and it cost him hardly anything.

He worked five minutes from the theme park so he started going twice each day for lunch and dinner saving him thousands!

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What is the Six Flags food pass and how do you get it?

Californian Dylan explained that he paid for unlimited year-round access to Six Flags which included parking and two meals of his choice each day.

To get your hands on one you have to buy a season pass for Six Flags which costs around $64.99. Then, under season pass add-ons you will find dining options where you can purchase a pass for Two Meal Season Dining which includes lunch, dinner and snacks for $109.00 costing just $174.98 in total per year.

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How did Dylan get the food pass?

Dylan revealed that he found out about the food pass when he started an internship in 2014. He arrived at his new office and saw the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park nearby.

Out of curiosity, the electrical engineer started searching for a Six Flags annual pass but instead came across a deal that meant that he could eat two meals per day every day at the park for one year.

Dylan said: “That entire first year, I don’t think I ever went to the grocery store. I timed it so I was able to go there during my lunch break, go back to work, then stop back for dinner on my way home.”

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How much did the food pass cost?

Dylan paid just $150 dollars for the food pass which lasted the entire year! Although he has not kept count of how many meals he has eaten at Six Flags he reckons that it is more than 2,000 making his overall price-per-meal around 50 cents!

The thrifty Californian said that he saved a ton of money, although he admitted that the menu during the first year was “kind of lame” and “wasn’t healthy at all.” Dylan revealed that the menu options included burgers and fries, pizza, breadsticks, sandwiches and refillable sodas.

Dylan’s thriftiness paid off in the long run

After seven years of daily meals at the theme park, Dylan has saved thousands of dollars and he has used the money to pay off his student loans, get married and buy a house!

He said: “It was crazy— I was saving money, paying off student loans. One of my coworkers said she spent $1,500 a month on eating out, I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m not going down that road!”

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