December 5, 2021

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Will there be a season 10 of Wentworth? Is it renewed?

Just how much drama can you pack into a single episode of television?

It can be an unbelievable amount, just ask Wentworth fans.

Created by Lara Radulovich, David Hannam, and Reg Watson, the Australian series – known as Wentworth Prison in the UK – premiered on SoHo back in 2013. It’s actually a remake of a show called Prisoner which began airing in the late 70s and ran throughout the 80s.

Over the years, audiences have become incredibly invested in the events unfolding behind the walls of the titular prison, following new and familiar faces as they become entangled in relationships and rivalries.

Season 8 was split into two parts, titled Redemption and The Final Sentence, respectively. However, the second batch of episodes has been dubbed season 9 by the majority of fans.

Sadly, it came to a conclusion on Tuesday, October 26th with the episode ‘Legacy’. Is this the end of the road or merely that of the season? Will there be a season 10 of Wentworth?


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Will there be a season 10 of Wentworth?

No, Wentworth season 9 was actually billed as the very last.

All good things must come to an end, and it looks as simple as that in the case of Wentworth. The show wasn’t axed or cancelled by the network, and nine seasons is certainly admirable.

In fact, the series is actually Foxtel’s highest-rated and most successful locally produced drama. Over the last eight years, episodes have screened in a whopping 173 territories. It has even ranked on Netflix’s top 10 most popular series in the US.

When considering the potential for a revival down the line, it’s worth considering how things wrapped up. After the destruction and bomb drama at Wentworth, Linda rallies the women for a headcount outside, telling Boomer that H1 is gone.

Meanwhile, Vera joins Jake and Will reunites with them shortly before Vera discovers that Ann died in the chaos, while Allie remains missing. Vera doesn’t tell the others that Joan helped her out of the prison and it’s finally revealed that Allie is alive.

As the phone is handed over to Rita, we close on the women as we hear the Cell Block H theme accompany the visuals.

So, surviving characters mean that there’s definitely potential to dip into the world of Wentworth down the line. However, most fans will agree that season 9 offered a satisfying conclusion, no matter how hard it is to accept…

Wentworth: Season 8 Trailer

Wentworth: Season 8 Trailer

The fans aren’t ready for farewell

In the wake of the finale premiere, legions of fans have flocked to Twitter to share their reactions.

Of course, not everybody is thrilled with the show coming to an end, voicing hopes for more. Check out a selection of tweets:

“We are incredibly proud”

It’s truly the end of an era, but one that the cast and crew must feel incredibly pleased to have pulled off.

Brian Walsh – executive director of television at Foxtel – has said on the matter:

‘Wentworth will leave an indelible mark on the international television landscape. We are incredibly proud of the success of this much-loved drama, not only has it been wholeheartedly embraced by our audience here in Australia but across the globe.”

He added: “I would personally like to acknowledge the extraordinary cast, creative teams, writers, and directors who have brought this television phenomenon to life, it has been an incredibly rewarding journey.”

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